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A Revolutionary Solution for an Age Old Problem

In an age of Amazon, companies must match the ever raising bar of customer support and administrative efficiency.

  • To attract and retain customers, they must provide new and more innovative ways to interact with your company, from online & phone support, to general inquiries, to a more modern corporate experience.
  • Anytime access to resources and flexible work options are critical for attracting and engaging the most skilled staff.
  • As markets evolve and emerge, they need the agility to grow, shift markets, outsource, acquire and divest rapidly, with continuous innovation to stay at the leading edge of global competition.

Behind all these initiatives are the systems and infrastructure powered by the Ayam Group. With strengths in every discipline across the entire portfolio of customer & administrative support, the Ayam Group is your partner in building true enterprise grade support environments.


The industry sectors we served include

  • bank-notes-2448_bd66c927-7837-4dbf-bc25-d49656dfe619


    Invoices, Payroll, Accounts Payable, etc. State of the art processes to save you time, money, and stress.

  • bank-cards-2445_a1e87fce-3f73-4202-9204-4ad23d9ce522


    Order processing made simple. Help customers navigate your business with 24/7 customer order support

  • coins-2452_3800c0d7-bb74-4470-909a-e107b62b50e6

    Real Estate

    Take care of maintenance requests, billing questions, and data entry for your real estate business.

  • pos-terminal-2470_861790a4-85dc-4da4-b645-64e5b80247d5

    Retail & Wholesale

    Data entry, refunds, warranties, reimbursements, processing vendor payments, we complete you back office operations.

  • deposit-box-2465_8d0edd4a-0865-4431-b57f-e857a350022b


    Have someone by the phone when ever you want. Scheduling your appointments, and telling others how busy you are.

  • invoice-2474_16cf5270-ffa8-4c6e-b664-5b73fe167d57


    Typing, preparing and collating reports etc.

Benefits to bank on

Our clients are able to increase customer satisfaction ratings while lowering costs!

  • Business Agility

    Business growth and seasonal flexibility are easily scaled as our support services adapt to the client’s needs allowing them to easily add and remove employees without a headache.

  • Security and compliance

    Our clients are able to control business sensitive data and adhere to compliance mandates securely and efficiently while enabling staff to access the data when and how they need it.

  • Office mobility

    We help clients create better business process to optimize efficiency and prioritize cash flow.

  • Application development

    By partnering with us. From the beginning, our support specialists work with your goals as a priority. Your success is our success.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


Transform your business by focusing on 3 key areas

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    Process Transformation

    Assuring that you are getting the “most bang for your buck.”

  • radar-signal-727_b1dcc914-3ee5-449c-941e-d4684ee50ba3

    Digital Enablement

    Drive key business outcomes, using our unique software that will be tailored to your businesses stress points, to use tech in a way to improve your business.

  • handshake-2819_4c48473b-74a8-4575-890d-e1824695a74c

    Innovation partnership

    Adopt a collaborative approach to innovation, by leveraging innovation labs, future technological ecosystems, alliances & partners. We grow with technology, and use that to help you grow.


Our support expertise

The Ayam Group utilizes the most advanced technology and artificial intelligence software, to make your customer & administrative support process more efficient, more simple, and more cost effective. Our experts have a deep knowledge & understanding of the complexities and details of the customer service and support industries. We pride ourselves on our know how to deploy digital technology to transform support service & administrative operations.


Financial services firms worldwide


The top largest banks worldwide.