Pricing Estimate

Flexible & Transparent Pricing for Your Business

Admin support is a tricky one 🙂
Every businesses’ processes and needs are unique so contact us and one of our dedicated account managers will provide you with a free, no frills consultation, so you can get a feel for how much (or how little) you will be spending. 🙂


Frequently asked questions about prices

Is the monthly plan truly month to month?

Yes 🙂
You can cancel after 1 month. We’ll miss you though…

How much will I save with the annual billing option?

It can be very worth your while however it very much depends on the position you are looking to fill. (i.e. bookkeeper, vs administrative assistant)

Can I pay with credit card?

Sure! We want you to get those points and cashback 🙂

Is there a fee for paying by credit card?

Do we look like highway robbers?! No fees! (ever)

How will I know what I am being charged for?

It varies between the different departments. Contact your dedicated account manager to find out more. More data is always available upon request if we can gather it, and as always we grow together with you! Let us know how we can improve! 🙂

What is the average cost per hour?

As of December 2018, our average cost per hour, per employee, is about $7.25.

(no workplace lunches, 401k matching, or health insurance needed) 🙂

Can we negotiate a fixed price contract?

Of course! This is what we price ourselves on. We want to make it work for everyone. Simply let us know what roles you are looking to fill and we will let you know. We probably will invite you to dinner in between because you are awesome 🙂

Where can I see my billing and payment history?

You can log in to your secure client portal here.